Last update: 30.3.2022

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope that the following statement helps you understand how Sadetta Oy ("we, us, our") collects, uses and safeguards your personal information in context of Javelin Masters 3 ("The Game").

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. You should consult this privacy policy regularly for any changes.

1. Information Collection for Javelin Masters 3

Information Collection by In-Game Advertisement Service

We use mobile advertisements service providers to show interstitial and video advertisements in Javelin Masters 3. Mobile advertisements services are provided by AdMob Google Inc. and Unity Technologies Ltd.

Advertisement service providers gather information regarding requests that The Game makes automatically to receive and show advertisements. Privacy policies of advertisement service providers explain what information is collected, how information is collected and how it is utilized. Privacy policies are available at:

Analytics Information Collection Regarding Usage of The Game

We use a game analytics service to collect and analyze usage information from all versions of Javelin Masters. Game analytics services are provided by GameAnalytics and Unity Technologies Ltd. Analytics information is collected, maintained and utilized following service providers' privacy policies. Privacy policies are available at:

Game Data

We collect and maintain Player Account Data and High Scores Data in our server. These data are automatically collected for all players of The Game. Player Account Data contains Player's Game State and Player's credentials. Player's Credentials in Player Account Data may allow our server to identify a player as an existing player when the player logs into the game from a new device. This allows our players to play with the same Player Account from many devices. Player's Game State in Player Account Data allows the player to continue game right from where he or she left previously. High Scores Data allows us to show global high score lists and friend highscore lists in the game.

Player Account Data in our server contains following information:

Analytics Information regarding online playing

Sadetta Oy logs information regarding usage of online playing features of the game. Logged information may contain player account identifier and any actions performed online, such as sent chat messages and played games.

Bad behaviour reports

Players can report other player's bad behaviour in chat. Chat is a feature of online playing and bad behaviour can only be reported regarding chat messages. When bad chat behaviour is reported, we receive:

We analyze bad behaviour reports and close chat feature from badly behaving players. This is done to keep the chat friendly and free of offensive language.

Analytics Information regarding web services usage

Sadetta Oy logs information regarding all web requests to domain. Logged information contains client IP-address, the page that client has requested and any request parameters given.

2. Information Usage

We use information for the following purposes:

3. Information Sharing

Aggregated Reports

Sadetta Oy may share aggregated reports of use of its services with any 3rd parties or public. Aggregated usage reports cannot be used to identify information about our individual users.

Compliance with Laws

We co-operate with government, law enforcement officials and private parties as required to comply with the law. We will disclose information to the law enforcement officials as we are required to.

Business Transfers

We may sell some or all of our assets, including among others any information we have related to you, in connection with a business transfer, merger, acquisition, sale of assets or in the event of bankruptcy.

4. Information Security

We are concerned with safeguarding your information. We employ a variety of measures designed to protect your information from unauthorized access.

5. Information Processing

Your information may be located at -, transferred to -, and processed in any geographical location.

6. Data Removal Request

You can request player data removal by contacting support by email to Please include your player name in the email.

7. Data Retention

Player data is removed automatically after 2 years of inactivity.

8. Contact Information

If you need to ask anything related to our privacy policy, contact us by email

Javelin Masters 3 is developed by Sadetta Oy